Why flaxseed ?   


*Because they have natural preserving qualities... 

*The weight of flaxseed is soothing & comforting 

*Flaxseeds provide moist heat that facilitate healing 

*The oil in flaxseed will outlast water based fillers such as grains

*Your Wrap can be warmed or frozen many times over & over again

*They are flower seeds that contain 30% to 40% omega 3 oils that remain in the seeds

Size 20" X 5.5"

Wraps gently around neck for comfort

Flaxseed Wraps 

*Microwaveable                *Reduces sinus pressure

*Aromatherapy                *Relieves muscle tension

*Provides moist heat      *Comforts sore ligaments

Able to freeze…

*Soothes pain *Relieves a headache & fever  

*Lessens swelling on a sprain or bruise