Hi, I'm Bev...
Welcome to my Spa!

I love to create a "spa like" atmosphere in my home!

I began creating spa products, simply to use in my home, for when I have family or friends come over.

I enjoy being hospitable while incorporating a wonderful experience into a relaxing & inviting one.

Some of my dear friends even refer to my home as, "Bev's Spa!"

Flaxseed neck wraps have been such a hit when I've given them as gifts over the last few years,

that people are now wanting to purchase them, so that's why my "spa" was born!

              I choose the highest quality of 100% cotton in beautiful designer fabrics available. I always choose medium to heavy weight  fabrics for durability. Custom sewing details such as triple stitching inside & a decorative, but sturdy,

embroridery design to seal the ends. Proper care given to your Wrap should make it last for many years to come!